Last minute revision – don’t panic


It’s entirely natural to get nervous before exams.

Sometimes the nerves can have a very negative effect on your chances of succeeding in the exam room.

Students can sometimes

  • become inhibited, which stops them thinking clearly in the exam
  • become flustered before the exam and try to cram too much knowledge into their brains in a random manner
  • find it easy to lose a sense of purpose and give up.

In fact, the excitement of the day or two before an exam is a great opportunity to fine tune your exam performance.

But you have to be smart about it.

Don’t try to learn everything.

If you’ve made a note of the key things that you want to brush up on immediately before the exam, you can use this to make sure that your last-minute revision efforts are tightly focused.

The revision you do immediately before an exam is some of the most important.

This is because it’s a key part of managing your short term memory before the exam.

Keeping control of your studies is also an important factor in ensuring that you enter the exam room in the right frame of mind to do the best you can.

You should aim to be fresh, relaxed, a little excited and very confident that you know what’s required to get good grades.

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