Don’t be a dummy and have Brain Fade while revising


Revision is all about using your brain – the most amazing part of the human body.

Obvious huh?

Well, you’d be amazed how many students don’t really engage their brain while they are revising for exams.

Revising effectively is not about the amount of time spent vacantly staring at your notes.

It’s about focusing your brain on the matter at hand, which is

  • understanding
  • learning; and
  • remembering

your information so that you can use it in your up and coming exams.

Poor planning, a lack of concentration, a noisy or uncomfortable place to revise in – all these can add up to Brain Fade.

Meaning that your revision session can end up being a waste of time.

In fact, if you regularly switch off while you are studying, it’s almost better to have not attempted revision in the first place.

Each time you have an unsuccessful go at revising, you are likely to feel worse about the whole process of preparing for your exams.

Even though revision for exams can seem pretty daunting, short successful revision sessions are the key to:

  • gaining confidence that your revision timetable is on track; and
  • ensuring that each time you sit down to revise you learn something worthwhile that will improve your chances of good exam grades.