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You need a little me time when revising for exams


Revising for exams can be really stressful.

A combination of hard work and worry puts everybody under pressure as exams approach.

Look after yourself

So it’s very important that you look after yourself during your revision schedule.

As well as the obvious things like eating healthily, drinking plenty of water and getting lots of sleep, one way you can help yourself is by giving yourself regular treats.

These treats could be small rewards – such as a bar of chocolate as a reward at the end of a successful study session, or watching your favourite TV ahow without feeling guilty about it.

Or your rewards could be a bigger treat, such as going to a party or a game of football.

Either way, deciding to include a bit of me time in your revision schedule is a good idea. It gives you

  • something to look forward to
  • encouragement to concentrate hard when you are studying; and
  • a bit of fun to relieve the stress of studying for school, college or university exams.